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Zurn Pex Plumbing

Another Class action lawsuit regarding brass fittings on Pex plumbing has arisen,  this time it’s against Zurn Pex Inc., and Zurn Industries.  Same problem as with the Kitec fittings where the brass fittings suffer from a problem called dezincification.  This is where the Zinc leaches out of the brass in the fitting and builds up in the pipe creating a blockage, not unlike blockages in a hardending artery.

This blockage restricts the flow of the water, increases the pressure in the pipe until it exceeds the pressure capability of the pipe, and it ruptures. 

How do you tell if you have a problem?

Zurn’s Pex piping is, like most other Pex piping, sold in red, white and blue colours.  It comes in 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ and 2″ diameter sizes.

PEX itself is not the problem. It has proved no corrosive even buried in concrete. It saves a great deal of time in installation because it can be run like a garden hose instead of soldered together like an erector set. Connections are made by compression using no chemicals or solders. Failures have been reported in one company’s brass fitting that connect the PEX tubing

The problem fittings in the case of Zurn Pex are recognised by identifying Q-Pex or QPEX stamped on the side of the fittings such as those in the images below.

If you think you have Zurn fittings, especially if you have a manifold (see below) for hydronic heating (either radiators or underfloor heating) then you may have a problem, and you should go to the Class action lawsuit website for further information.