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Why a closer inspection is so important

So here’s the thing, as Inspectors we are told, inspect the roof from the ground or the eaves.
You don’t have to climb on the Roof.  Well here’s a picture from the ground.

Flatroof from ground


OK,  it looks like there might be some problems, the fascia board is a little uneven
and there no downspout to the right.  All in all from this angle it looks like there
might be some maintenance needed, but nothing radical.


But wait!  What’s this?


From above, this is serious.  OK, I know this is pretty apparent, but really,
just moving positions to re-evaluate the same item in an inspection can
give you a completely different outlook on the problems.

What has happened here is that some time in the past, the roof has been
Flat roof Surface has collapsed

This has obviously had problems so someone threw a sheet of ply over it.
The problem is that the underlying sheeting had collapsed, taking the Shingles with it.

It transpired that it made a nice home for a couple of Racoons until the roof was

Original cause:  The roof had too shallow a pitch for Shingles.  This roof should have
been covered as a flat roof.  The Original Shingles lifted allowing the sheeting to get
damp and rot and this is the result.

Re-roof costs: $400, total repair bill $2500 including labour because the Ceiling on the
underside of the roof, and all the wiring had to be removed and re-installed courtesy
of the Racoons.