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Visual Septic Form

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Septic System Visual Inspection

Information Form

Inspection Number Date/Time:
Tank Location
D-Box o Level o Outlets
Number of Lids o 1   o 2 Crossover Baffle Cover o
Tank Depth Tank Width
Tank Length Tank Volume
Top of Scum (A) Scum Bottom (B)
Top of Liquid (C) Bottom of Tank (D)
Scum Depth (B-A)

Scum Depth = FD

Sludge Depth

Sludge Depth = SD

Inlet Checked OK o Outlet OK o Baffle pipe seals OK o
D-Box Seals OK o Septic Field OK o Leaks Detected o
Working Depth

Working Depth = WD

FD + SD Tank needs pumping

(FD+SD > WD/3 )

Number of toilets Number of bath tubs
Number of showers Number of sinks
Other drainage systems