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Agreeing to your home inspection online.

The following are instructions to help you use the cloud services provided for your FPPI Home Inspection services.

If you receive an email from us with with respect to a Home Inspection you have had, it will have a link in the email that will direct you to HomeGauge (the service provider we use) OR to the FPPI website to log in.

The steps will be the same:

In your internet browser, you will will be taken to https://homegauge.com

Click “Log In” at the top right corner.

HomeGauge log-in page

You will be transferred to the sign-in page.
here

You should sign in using the username and password that we sent you in the email notification you were sent, either as part of the Inspection request, or to notify you of the Inspection appointment.

Make certain you double-check the username and password we sent you and that you have typed them in correctly.

An incorrect username or password is the most common reason that customers cannot view their report.

Next click the orange “Sign In” button.

You will be then be transferred to a page that lists the various documents that have been uploaded to your account.   These might include agreements, invoices and Inspection Report(s).

If you have had multiple inspections done, you will see the reports all listed on this page.

Next, choose the document you would like to view by clicking the “View Documents” button beneath the property address.

View Documents

If there is a Pre-inspection Agreement to sign, the software will prompt you that a signature is required.

You should click the “Sign Agreements” button.

click sign Agreements

To sign the Agreement, you should first see/read the document.

If you do not understand any of the clauses, you can call us, but we recommend you have a legal advisor tell you what clauses you don’t understand mean with respect to our contractual arrangements with each other.

Then if you the agreement is acceptable click the “Agree” button and type your full name in the signature box. You should then click the “Sign Agreement(s)” button.

Sign the Agreement

After signing the Agreement, you will be able to view the Inspection Report once the inspector has completed and uploaded it.

The page will look something like this. After the agreement has been signed, the customer can click the ‘Inspection Report‘ button to view the Report.

Click to view the Agreement

Please realise that the agreement is a contract that protects both your interests and those of the  inspector.  An inspection cannot take place without a pre-inspection agreement being agreed to.

Agreement to the inspection via this service is secure and considered the same as if you have physically signed the documents.