Home Inspections in Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, GTA – mold, Asbestos and radon inspections across Ontario

Service Comparison

As a full-service Home and Property Inspection company, we provide a number of different services that range from residential home inspections to commercial inspection.  We provide ancillary inspection services such as Thermal Energy Loss inspections, Mould, Asbestos and other Indoor Air Quality Measurements.  We also provide long-term radon inspections to identify health risks in a property and short-term radon inspections to identify potential defects with the properties.  A summary of the residential home inspections can be seen below, based upon a house, and is for your information.  If you would like a more accurate quote please click on the “Find out more” button.


  • Inspection Plus
    (Silver Level)
  • from $500
  • Everything from Bronze Level plus…
  • Check for Indoor Air Quality
  • Electronic Formaldehyde Gas level Measurement
  • Electronic Volatile Organic Compounds Measurement
  • Electronic Dust & Allergen Particulate Measurement
  • Gas Leak Check
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  • Inspection Pro
    (Gold Level)
  • from $625
  • Everything from Silver Level
    with the addition of…
  • Check  for your family’s
    future protection
  • Short-Term Radon infiltration indication check using dual passive device radon detectors
  • OCRMI Radon indicator report
    and recommendations
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