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Pre-delivery Inspections

Many people that attend a Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) have never been to one before.  Many have not even had a new home, or any home, of their own before.  The builder on the other hand has attended many, many PDI’s and heard nearly all the complaints that can be made about the new homes they take pride in.

2012-OBC-CompendiumBuilders also have a series of hard and fast rules that they must adhere to.  The first and foremost set of rules builders must adhere to are the Regulatory ones.   This include the Electrical Standards Authority Electrical Codes, the CSA Universal Plumbing Code, and the Ontario Building Code (OBC) to name a few.

These are all very large pieces of legislation, usually enacted or required as part of legislation by government and updated in consultation with the relevant trades.   Combined they specify how the building trade will actually build a home.   They are the minimum guidelines, and not all of these guidelines are free for members of the public to access.

For a consumer to identify if a builder has adhered to the OBC they would need to either purchase a copy of it, or download it from the e-laws website and plough through the document looking for the items that concerned them. The Ontario Building code is also a living document and changes are made regularly.   The OBC Act is regulated under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The second set of Rules that a builder has to adhere, at least here in Ontario, are the TARION Construction performance guidelines.   TARION is a not-for-profit organisation or 16 member directors half from the Construction Industry the other half from various other areas.  They are responsible for developing and regulating guidelines that are used to support a New Home Warranty for home owners in Ontario.

It is this last piece of legislation that the PDI is designed for.

Many consumers are not fully aware of their rights to have a Professional Home Inspector either with them or attend in place of them for a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of a new home in Ontario.

Some of the consumers that are aware wonder why they should bother going to the expense of Hiring a Home Inspector to help with a PDI of a new home which is of course going to be perfect.

The truth is that no home, new or old, is perfect.  Since their inception, by the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, almost 100% of all new home PDI’s have had buyers attend the inspection to find small dents, paint chips and other cosmetic issues that are asked to be fixed by the builder.  It is also the time when the builder gets to lovingly “show off” their latest creation built especially for you.

The PDI should be much more than that.  The PDI should be a time when, as a new home buyer, you are educated as to what to do to protect your investment.