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Ontario Contractor costs – Electrical

As property inspectors, under the terms of our code of conduct, while we may have the skills, we cannot perform work to rectify issues we might have identified in any of our inspections.

Likewise we cannot recommend individual contractors to work on these remediations, but are happy to give you a list of local contractors we know of that specialise in the area of work needed.

For your benefit, and to judge whether you are getting a good deal from your contractor we have posted a series of pages that identify the average Contractor cost for different types of work so you can compare prices.

Remember, the best is not necessarily the cheapest nor is the most expensive.  It is up to you to ensure the contractor has the adequate qualifications to work on your property, and you should always ask for references, and make sure they are both insured and not on the complaints list of the Better Business Bureau.


Installation & supply is assumed, and the contractor is on the site for
more than one electrical job listed below, otherwise sufficient allowances
for travel time and increased costs/opportunity costs, should be made.

Upgrade service to 100 amps – incl. New breaker

$850.00 – 1100.00

Upgrade service to 100 amps – no breaker panel

$800.00 – 1200.00

Upgrade service to 200 amps

$1,000.00 – 1,500.00

Replace main ground – public water sytem

$200.00 – 350.00

Replace main ground – private well to ground rods

$275.00 – 500.00

New Breaker Panel

$700.00 – 1200.00

Auxiliary Panel

$300.00 – 600.00

Replace circuit breaker – 20 amps or less

$80.00 – 110.00

Add 120 V circuit – ie fridge, freezer etc

$250.00 – 400.00

Install exterior outlet

$250.00 – 400.00

Add 240 V circuit – ie. Stove, dryer

$350.00 – 650.00

Add Kitchen split receptacle

$250.00 – 450.00

Supply ground for std. receptacles

$75.00 – 150.00

Replace receptacles with GFI (Ground Fault

$90.00 – 120.00 each

Correct reversed polarity

$15.00 – 25.00 each

Install switches

$20.00 – 40.00 each

Install light fixture

$100.00 – 250.00

Exterior light fixture

$175.00 – 250.00