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Mold inspections starting at just $330

Mold Hyphae compared to human hair
Single Mold Hyphae when compared to human hair

Mold Inspections are the only accurate way of identifying the true risk to your health.

Visible mold may be the first indication that your home or office has a mold issue.  Given the right conditions, by the time mold has become visible, it has often been growing for some time in areas that are hidden, undisturbed and undetected.

Billions of stachybotrys hyphae
Billions of stachybotrys hyphae in this mold mycelium

The only way to know of the full extent of any mold infestation, and it’s possible dangers, is to perform a more in-depth mold inspection.

Even small mold infestations can, through the release of mold spores, cause immediate health concerns.  It is vital that the mold type be identified as quickly as possible, especially if you or  a member of the household or office suffer from allergic reactions to mold.

We provide mold inspection services that allow us to sample mold that is either airborne or on a surface.   With permission from the home or property owner we are even able to sample for molds behind drywall or paneling.

More importantly, a fully trained and qualified Indoor Air Quality Consultants, and Home Inspectors we can identify situations that could be conducive to mold growth and make recommendation for you to remove those conditions to stop mold growth.

We do not provide remediation services!

This ensures that our mold sampling and laboratory results are not induced by any conflict of interest.   We can provide a list of local mold remediators who you are free to select from at your desire.  We get no compensation from these remediators and can offer clearance testing after they have finished to allow you to ensure they have done their job right.

Don’t believe the hype!

Some companies state that they can test for mold without removing or disturbing it.  This cannot be done!

In order to collect a sample mold has to be either swabbed, lifted or sucked into a collection device.   The physical act of this disturbs the mold, and the actual collection of the mold, by definition, removes it for us to be able to send the samples to the lab.   We do however make sure, by following strict industry standard protocols, that the sampling process does not release, into the living accommodation or work environment, any more spores than would be released as part of the day to day life-cycle of mold.

Is the mold even yours?

The basic mold tests identify if mold is present and the types of mold, as part of our basic tests we sample outside air.   We have been to clients homes that have had air quality tests performed by other mold companies to find that the levels of mold inside the home are less than the level of mold outside the home.   These people have been led to believe that mold remediation was required, when in fact they were better off in their own homes than they were outside.

It is important during sampling that our inspectors are aware of how mold could be entering the home.   Again, surface mold is not always the target of our investigations, and airborne mold may not even originate from within the home but have been brought in on shoes or clothing and will be taken away when the are removed from the home or office.  Don’t end up paying to remedy something that isn’t a problem.   You mold inspector should be able to identify what may be the possible cause of the mold, and not just that the mold exists.   Our inspectors can.

Don’t forget the fix!

In addition to providing the Mold Inspection services, as indicated above, we attempt to identify what the cause of the mold is in the first place.  If we can’t do this at the first sampling, and mold remediation is required, we will re-visit the property during remediation to attempt to identify the root-cause of the mold problem and discuss with you what the fixes should be.   Again, we don’t perform the fixes, so our advice is purely consultative and totally independent.   Why would we offer you this service?   Easy.  There no point in going to the effort of finding, identifying and removing mold, if you are not going to fix the problem that allowed it to grow in the first place.

Check the remedy

Because we are independent, we are your best defence against ineffective workmanship by mold remediators or ongoing problems that allow mold growth.

If you’ve had mold remediation, or are thinking of having mold remediation, considering contracting us to sample for mold independently of the remediation contractor.  It may cost you a little more for the work to be done independently, but how much would it save you if we identify you don’t need remediation, or if remediation you’ve already have hasn’t provided a remedy?