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Interesting things about Dry-Wall

  • The value of installed wallboard in residential construction in North America in 2008 exceeded $35 billion. Of that total, approximately 20% ($7 billion) was wallboard material cost.
  • In 2008, North American residential construction accounted for over $500 billion in total spending and accounted for approximately 45% of total North American construction direct spending.
  • Each new home built creates (through jobs) $231,000 of economic income and $89,000 of tax revenue.
  • Material and labor cost to drywall a typical house accounts for approximately 10% of the home’s total construction cost.
  • The average new one-family home contains 2,519 square feet of floor area
  • On average, a single-family house incorporates approximately 8,500 to 9,000 square feet of gypsum board, or about 200 sheets of 4×12 foot board.
  • If your home was constructed or renovated with new drywall since 2001, and the drywall was imported from China, there is a possibility that excess sulphur in the makeup of the Gypsum in that drywall can cause corrosion problems in the home.
  • This include corrosion of exposed copper coils in Air Conditioning, the copper in electrical cable and fittings, chrome plating in bathrooms and blackening of mirrors.