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Is your Inspector cleared to perform your inspection?

As of January 1, 2013, the Ontario Government made WSIB coverage mandatory for most people in the construction industry.   It was a little known fact that under rate class G  – Construction industry) in the WSIB employer classification manual, home inspectors were captured by the change in this Bill-199 because they were already in class G-704-02 – Testing, Inspection, and Related Services Amendment/08.

While this is very technical information that doesn’t appear to say much, it meant that Home Inspectors were now caught up in the mandatory reporting criteria intended for workers involved in actual construction work.

This event actually affected not only the Home Inspectors, but those hiring the Home Inspectors for their services too.

The rules are quite clear but because of the way Home Inspections are booked you as a client or a Realtor may not be fully aware of your legal responsibilities under the Workplace Safety Insurance Act (WSIA) and fall foul of the regulations.  If this happens, you could end up liable for, at a minimum, any unpaid premiums of the Inspector or at worst a hefty fine.

So what are the rules, and what do you need to know?

We are going to lay out the rules for you in the simplest possible terms.   We will provide you with the links to the various regulatory documentation at the bottom on this report so you can investigate further for yourself, but the regulations are convoluted and spread across several documents so we’ve encapsulated them for you here into these two categories.

Category 1:  Exempt Inspections

If you are the client, and
you are intending to purchase the property for residential purposes, and
you or an immediate member of your family (parent, sibling, or child) will be living in the property, and
you will be signing the inspection agreement contract, and
you will be paying for the inspection services, and
the home inspection company does not have more than one inspector working for it, and
the property is not in any way commercial (e.g. shop with accommodation or purely commercial)

Then the inspection is exempt from coverage required by the Workplace Safety Insurance Act and WSIB registration is not required and a WSIB Clearance Certificate is not required for the Home Inspection.

Category 2: Non-exempt Inspections

If you are the Realtor and are paying for the inspection, or signing the pre-inspection agreement, or
you are the client and a third party is paying for the inspection (i.e. your company, or a relocation service), or
you are the client and you are buying the property to flip, or use as an investment income (i.e. rental), or
the inspection company has more than one inspector working for them, or
you are buying the home and paying for the inspection but a distant family member will be living in the home (e.g. cousin, uncle, friend or ex-spouse)

Then the inspection falls within the coverage required by the Workplace Safety Insurance Act and WSIB registration is required and a WSIB Clearance Certificate is required for the Home Inspection.

What does a WSIB Clearance Certificate look like?

WSIB clearance certificate Home InspectorYour inspector can produce, for you, a PDF copy of the clearance certificate.

It will have the Inspection company details, the details of the person to be covered by the certificate (i.e. the person or business that is signing the inspection agreement), either the address of the client or the address of the property to be inspected and the period during which the inspector can provide WSIB covered inspections for the client.

The problem is, that you won’t know if your inspector is going to give you a clearance certificate until you have told them what the property is going to be purchased for.   Most Home Inspectors will not ask this question, as it is considered optional with respect to their Standard of Practice.

WSIB registere home inspectorAn inspector who avoids asking the question, either because they feel it’s not part of their standard or because they want to avoid registering for WSIB, is breaking the law.  Not only that, they may be exposing you as a client or a Realtor, to liability.

You should ask your inspector if they are registered with the WSIB and up-to-date with payments and eligible to issue clearance certificates if your purchase does not fall into Category 1 at the top of this post.

If you would like to check for yourself the status of a business, you can go to the public access part of the WSIB site here.  You should be presented with the screen on the right.  You can enter the Inspection companies WSIB account number into the search box on the left search box (our account ID is 6456027 ) or you can put the Inspection company name in the right hand search box. We are registered under Future Proof Property Inspections, but “Future Proof” will still produce the current status.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page after you’ve hit the SEARCH button, and the results will show up (as below)

Home Inspector WSIB registered



Home Inspectors subject to Bill-119 Mandatory WSIB coverage
Expanded Mandatory Coverage
Offences and Penalties