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Residential Inspection Quotation

All of our Residential Home Inspections are a thorough visual inspection of the accessible areas of the Exterior, Roof and Attic, Foundation, Structure, Plumbing, including drainage, Electrical, and HVAC systems.  Home Inspections are performed in accordance with the CSA Group, CAN/CSA A770 Home Inspection Standard

Private Water supply (wells/cistern) and Private sewage system (septic, holding tanks, etc.) inspections are separate services and chargeable extra.

A full online report including photographs, 360 panoramas, and videos where required is provided usually within 36 hours of the completion of the inspection.

Additional services may increase this time.

Our inspectors use tools to check for high-humidity levels, gas leaks and can provide you with the tools for you to accurately measure the room sizes during the inspection.

We also employ, as an option, Infra-red thermal imaging, as needed, to assist in determining moisture concerns we have at the time of the inspection and for potential insulation deficiencies.

Clients are advised that an FPPI inspection is also an education for you to understand your potential home better, and we recommend you accompany the inspector at the inspection and ask any questions, you have, that concern you.

Our inspections also include all accessible areas below grade, furnished or otherwise. This is why the sizes may be different from those on the listings which only include space above grade.

Where required, Heritage Specialist Inspections, in addition to the above, include an explanation of the Heritage Act as it pertains to your home, including what can and cannot be altered without Heritage approval.

We are also skilled in older property construction and reconstruction and give guidance as to the maintenance of these older properties that help maintain your investment in them.

We offer ongoing free independent advice for buyers to ensure they have relevant information before calling on a contractor.

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