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Heritage Experience

Because of my experience with older homes I have the honour of serving on the Niagara Falls municipal heritage committee.  The committee is an advisory body appointed by Niagara Falls City Council for matters under the Ontario Heritage Act. and is responsible for

  • maintaining a Register of Municipal Heritage Properties which have architectural, historical and cultural heritage value;
  • assisting in promoting the designation of individual properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act;
  • assisting in the administration of the Designated Property Grant Program to advance the restoration of original architectural details; and
  • working with owners of heritage properties to advise on appropriate improvements to restore the heritage attributes of the property.

As an owner of an older, heritage property, I am acutely aware of the benefits and  problems you might inherit with such a property. 

Things like Knob & Tub, or Aluminum wiring, aging wood frames or roofing structures, settlement and shrinkage cracking, lead paint, even Mold, Asbestos or other environmental degrading components, hydronic heating systems.  These are all items that may exist in an older property.  Not all are dangerous, not all need replacement, but you need a skilled property inspector to know what poses hazards or replacement penalties and what don’t.