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Google penalises non-mobile sites

As of April 21st, 2015 Google has started penalising websites which are not mobile-friendly.

According to a Google survey, 94 per cent of people use a mobile phone to get local information and the vast majority of those searches take place at home or at work, despite it being likely the person searching could do so on a desktop computer.

The growth of mobile traffic and users’ preference for searches accessible on their mobile phone or tablet has led Google to make a number of algorithm changes.

Now the search engine has announced websites which are not mobile-friendly will be listed much lower in search results. If your site is not configured for mobile, does not look good on different screen sizes and types of device then Google will not promote results from it as highly in its search results.

According to research, 73 per cent of web users prefer mobile-friendly websites and 61 per cent leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly. 73 per cent of mobile searches trigger a call or a visit to a business.

Not making your website mobile friendly could cost you 20 to 30% of your traffic.

Want to find out if your website is mobile friendly?  Click here.

If you are using WordPress to run your site, you can make your site mobile friendly just by switching to a responsive theme.  Alternatively you can choose a mobile site plugin.