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Do yourselves a favour

snowmeltOne of the biggest causes for deterioration of property components, and the hardest on a sale of property, is water. 

In Ontario, as across much of Canada and the U.S. we have just undergone a protracted period of snowfall and icing.

As the snow and ice accumulated over the past few months starts to melt, take precautions to ensure your basements and garages don’t become flooded from the melt water.

Here are a few simple things you can do to protect your property from water damage this weekend:

  • Get the Snow away from your home
    • Remove snow that has accumulated from around basement windows and door openings.  Ensuring the snow melts away from your property will minimise the risk of water choosing to invade your home.
    • Clear walkways and driveways of snow and ice as much as possible
  • Make sure the water management systems in your home can work properly
    • Clear the area where downspouts discharge so water can run off properly
    • Ensure sump pumps are in working order and monitor it regularly, if you sump pump empties into your yard, make sure it has a clear path to direct water away from the home, and the discharge pipe isn’t frozen. 
  • Give the melt water somewhere to go other than into your property
    • Be sure that any exterior drains on your property have clear access for snow melt runoff
    • If you have particularly large snowfalls up to your property, cut a ditch in the snow around your home and another leading away.  Even a small effort such as this encourages the snow away from your foundations.
    • Clear street drains near your property so snow melt has a place to run off without being redirected towards homes
  • Check for damage
    • Whether you have a new or old home, with the freeze, that, freeze, thaw conditions we’ve just experienced Ice Dams, gutter blockages, and downspout damage is likely.  Once the snow if off the roof and the ice has melted, check for any damage to the shingle, detachment of the gutters or splitting of the downspouts. These components are designed, and critical, to ensure water is kept out of, and away from your home.  Make sure they all work. 
    • Prevention is better than fix.  If you are sensible driver, you took the precautions of fitting snow tires to your vehicle before the winter. This cost you around 2-3% of the value of an average family vehicle.  If you are unsure of what to look for call a home inspector and have a professional do it for you.  It will cost you less than one third of one percent (average home price) of the most valuable investment you are likely to make, and unlike snow tires that wear out as your vehicle value depreciates, a Maintenance Home Inspection helps you maintain the value in your property.