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Experienced Master Inspector

We offer you something which can’t be bought or measured with money – sincerity and integrity, because we know that our service is remembered long after the inspection is forgotten. We are your choice for a Professional Home Inspection!

An experienced Master Inspector or Commercial Inspector has more than a basic understanding of just a single skill in home building.

In Ontario there are codes that builders have to at least meet when constructing properties but that doesn’t make them a good home inspector.

The problem is that these codes change.  They are at best a minimum standard.  Constructing a really great home often requires understanding of the way in which buildings should be constructed.  Not just from plans, but from the ground up.  It should be done utilising the best materials and building practices, not just building to minimum code, and using minimum (usually cheapest) components.

For over 22 years I have been active in property restoration and renovation, both in the U.K. and here in Canada.

Because I was involved hands-on with major renovation and restoration jobs, I developed skills in water management, electrical installation, gas fitting, plumbing and sewage, as well as dry and wet stone walling, framing, roof truss fabrication.  This gave me a great grounding for becoming a home inspector.   That said, even with all these skills, I underwent intensive training both online and at college to ensure my skills for being a home inspector were, and continue to be kept to the highest standards.

I understand and have the ability to turn a property

from this to this
Heritage Home Inspection Hertiage property knowledge
and this into this
Home Inspectors need skills Home Inspectors - behind the walls

With these skills, it allows me a unique insight into understanding what may be occurring in your property when I inspect it.

I work as a Certified Master Inspector in the Niagara Region, including Niagara Falls, St.Catharines, Grimsby, Lincoln, Fort Erie and beyond. Whether you home is new or old, I am the Home Inspector you can trust.

My Qualifications


Moisture Intrusion Structural AtticInsVent Deck Inspections Foundations and Walls Inspecting HVAC Systems Performing Roof Inspections Plumbing safety_certificateGeneral Inspection courses and examinations


mold inspectionCompletion of Mold Inspection courses and examination

Air Quality

Energy MovementEnergyIndoor Air QualityCompletion of Lead, VOC, and Indoor Air Quality courses and examinations


linkster_nh_spetic_certificate_73Completion of Septic Inspection courses and examinations