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Create a Custom Request List

After you have had your professional Home or Commercial Inspection from Future Proof Property Inspection, you will receive a link to your online Inspection report. This report contains a lot of information. You or your Realtor may want to use the information in the report for negotiations, or perhaps creating a repair list for contractors.

In the latter case, you don’t want to send electrical work to a masonry contractor, or plumbing instructions to an electrician.

Cutting a pasting this information is now a thing of the past.

As part of the services we offer, you can create a Custom Request List (CRL) from your full inspection report. In fact, you can create as many CRL reports as you want, for whatever reason you want, and print them, or send them to whoever you want.

If you need your Realtor to add amendments to your offer, create the CRL and add it directly to the offer. No more tedious cut ad paste, that may involve transcription errors.

Best of all, it’s part of the price you pay for the inspection. No additional costs.


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