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So you have a flat roof

Advantages of Flat and low-slope roofing Thermal advantages – They can help keep the interior warmer by absorbing sunlight at a higher rate than slated roofs. Accessibility – They are also more accessible, allowing for easier inspection processes. Economical – Flat roofing, for smaller areas, is generally considered to be […]

Why Independent Inspections are important

There has been much said in the press over recent years about what happens when conflicts of interests run rampant.   The most prevalent are the ones surrounding the Universities and Medical professional that, respectively,  perform study work on drugs or dispense drugs that are made by large Pharmaceuticals.   Any search on […]

poured concrete cracks

DIY repair – Poured concrete cracks

I frequently see poured concrete cracks appearing in the foundation walls of homes I am inspecting.  The majority of these are typical shrinkage cracks or in older properties small settlement cracks and not considered structural.  That said, they ought to be repaired to prevent water intrusion or further deterioration. I am […]