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poured concrete cracks

DIY repair – Poured concrete cracks

I frequently see poured concrete cracks appearing in the foundation walls of homes I am inspecting.  The majority of these are typical shrinkage cracks or in older properties small settlement cracks and not considered structural.  That said, they ought to be repaired to prevent water intrusion or further deterioration. I am […]

PEX: The new Knob & Tube – A Home Inspection will help

What is the concern? Apart from incorrect installation, where pipes have been bent beyond their allowed installation radius, or they have been scratched, or subjected to chemical solvents the piping itself is adequate for normal residential and commercial installations.  The piping itself, unless made with a Ultra-Violet barrier such as […]

So you are selling your own house?

So you have decided to sell your own house?

this is because you feel you can do a better job than the Realtors in your
area, or you don’t want to pay the 5% (or more in some cases) for the process,
you have taken on a big task.

On top of
the cleaning of the property, de-cluttering and staging, you are having to show
people around and listen to their opinions in a disspassionate state.

15 Ways to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Before you put your home on the market, you need to realise that there is an 80% chance that your house is going to undergo a home inspection as part of the deal.

While any serious fault will not escape the notice of a good home inspector, in order to not have a home inspection report with a long list of issues, there are simple and inexpensive ways to minimize the list of items that might come up on the report, and therefore deter a prospective purchaser from buying the home.

Cool Facts about poured concrete

  • 66% of all foundations crack within the first year of being poured.