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What does an inspection cost?

Like car maintenance, our prices are based upon what we estimate will be the time to inspect a property.

Our basic home inspections start at $425.  Discounts may be available when referred by a Realtor or a prior client.  Clients that require multiple inspections also receive discounts.

This initial price is for single family homes up to 2,000 sq.ft.  These inspections take between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.

As the size of the house gets bigger, the time to inspect takes longer and the cost increases.

This is because the bigger the house, the longer it takes to inspect.

An additional charge of $55 is made for homes 50 years old and over.  This is because there may be a need for specialised equipment and processes for older homes and the reports tend to be much larger.

All prices are subject to taxes.

Full Infra-red inspections as part of a Home Inspection cost $95, as these extra services require the use of expensive Infra-Red (IR) cameras, humidity and moisture meters

Our inspector will sometime employ the use of a telescopic pole camera or bore-scopes as needed.

Where the use of any of these specialised services is at the inspectors discretion we see no reason to penalise you for their use, so no extra charges are incurred in these circumstances and the prices for the services will be discounted.

If for whatever reasons our inspections take longer than expected, no extra charges are incurred.

All our prices are disclosed UP FRONT and are included in our agreement with you.

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What is a basic home inspection?

1. It is a limited, non-destructive, visual inspection of the property

What this means:

A Home Inspection is non-destructive because during the inspection the inspector, unlike some media stars, cannot damage the property, it’s contents or anything attached to the property in any way.

A Home Inspection is visual because the inspector looks at the property and it’s components, he doesn’t tear anything apart.  That said, our home inspectors will not go where it is dangerous for them to, such as on a high roof.  It is for just such circumstances that FPPI inspectors have the latest equipment to ensure they can access places they may not be able to physically go.

Inspectors can, if properly trained, even perform invasive inspections such as opening electrical panels, HVAC systems etc. but again can only perform non-destructive inspections on these components once opened.

The Home Inspection is limited, as sometimes the inspector is unable to identify issues that only occur under certain conditions.

For example during a long dry spell conditions that only occur during heavy rain might not be detected.  Another example is that during heavy snowfall, the inspector may not be able to inspect the roof covering, because it’s covered with snow.