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The best defence against a risk is to know of its existence

radon potential map of ontarioFirst of all, Radon is prevalent in the environment
In addition, radon levels vary with time, location and season

1. Just because you have a low-level now, doesn’t mean it will be consequently low at the same time next year
2. If your neighbour has low-level, doesn’t mean that your levels will be the same.  They may be higher or they may be less.
3. Finding your levels to be just below the limit in winter doesn’t mean they'll be less in summer
4. As a result, there is no “Safe” level of radon
5. Furthermore, indoor radon exposure unnecessarily kills over 800 Canadians in Ontario EVERY YEAR
6. We can test accurately for high radon levels
7. It is relatively inexpensive to remedy high levels

Short-term testing can be performed by a skilled professional in your home and you can get results back in less than 10 days, or sooner if you opt for electronic measurement, that will tell you if you have a potential risk.

Book your test here

Book your short-term test here and save $100.  Normal price for a two device, two-visits, short-term passive device measurement test and lab analysis $250, online booking price $150.  Electronic Constant Radon Monitor measurement $300 with instant reporting at the end of the test ($200 with discount)

Request a slot to have your home tested by completing the form below.

Locations further than 50Km from Niagara Falls are subject to an additional 0.65¢ per Km one time round-trip mileage fee.

  • For example: If you live in Barrie, Ontario, the mileage charge would be $275 payable once even though we would need to make the journey twice.

(all prices are subject to HST)

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